Frank Del Pizzo

Thu, Aug 2, 2018
Fri, Aug 3, 2018
Sat, Aug 4, 2018

Frank Del Pizzo

with larry Venturino

“Snappy Stand-Up Comedy! Funny Stuff!”
Steve Morse
Boston Globe

Frank Del Pizzo came from the real world to the comedy stage. Ten years as an auto mechanic left Frank ready to let the people know what he was thinking. Frank is a breath of fresh air in a business that is full of hot air. He makes people laugh with his true to life stories and attitude.

Frank has entertained a wide variety of diverse crowds, as the opening act for legendary comedians from Sam Kinison to Rita Rudner, and has thoroughly pleased every audience he encounters. Likeable and friendly, this New Jersey Native is able to take an audience on a journey that makes them feel like they have just taken a wild ride in the back seat of his car.

Frank Del Pizzo lives his dream every time he steps on the stage. From Las Vegas to ABC to A&E, Frank has traveled the country and the world delivering laugh after laugh wherever he goes. His unique ability to turn ordinary conversations into hilarious comedy routines has made him a highly sought after act by the nation's top comedy clubs, colleges and corporations. Frank loves what he does and it shows. His sharp, original comedic nature and quick wit make him a tough act to follow!

larry Venturino

Larry Venturino is a stand-up comedian living in Florida but originally from Rhode Island. He regularly performs at clubs and private events. When he’s on stage, club patrons shouldn’t expect many four-letter words. However, that’s not to say that the envelope isn’t going to be pushed to the limits. Larry’s brand of comedy will start you off on an endearing note then lead you down a path that will leave you laughing and smiling at things you never expected to laugh at.

No stranger to the stage, Larry Venturino was the frontman for three touring punk rock/hardcore bands. He is also the co-owner of an independent record label that has been releasing records for and promoting acts from all over the globe for the past 14+ years. He booked and promoted nationally touring acts in SWFL for over a decade. He has left the instruments and screaming behind, but not the mic. He hopes to bring audiences the same intensity and insight as in his punk days, just in a funnier, more sarcastic way.

Larry Venturino has performed with nationally touring headliners including: Christopher Cowles, Mike Rivera, Carl Rimi, Ron Feingold, Trish Keating, L.A. Hardy, Steve Lazlow, and Frank Del Pizzo.